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Staging for Home Owners
Staging For Home Owners
Dublin Home Stager
Santa Clara Home Stager
Sunnyvale Home Staging
Home Staging – is decorating your home for sale. It is a fast and effective way to showcase your home to prospective buyers in order to sell quickly and get the best price.

By investing in the right items and areas in your home you will get the maximum return on your property. Making Home Staging your biggest bang for your buck to prospective buyers in order to sell quickly and get the best price.

When decorating for living, you decorate with your comfort and taste in mind. When it comes time to sell your house or condo, it should appeal to any buyer who walks in your door. We achieve this by using the right furniture, art and accessories, and placing them in a way where they will highlight your home’s features and make the home appear larger and more elegant. Just like going to a job interview, or to a first date, you always want to look your best. You know what they say…You don’t get a second chance to make that first impression!

Each home staging project is evaluated individually, where we advise on where it is most profitable to invest, in order to get the best price for your house.

By investing only $500 in the right place, you can get over $5,000 more for your property.

Showcasing your home’s best features takes more than de-cluttering, and adding flowers! It’s creating favorable impressions everywhere the buyer's eyes rest. By highlighting selling features, enhancing functionality and visual flow, we will create a desire in the buyer to make your home their own. Preparing a home for sale, regardless of price or location requires using a proven, professional set of guidelines. We review your house for compliance with preset standards, and any necessary modifications are suggested and made.

Home Staging Package for vacant properties:

We visit your property and do the analysis. We plan in detail all the furniture and accessories needed to perfect your property for showing. We then search out the perfect color and scale of furniture and accessories from our inventory. Once we are ready, we come back with it all and set it up. This process takes between 1-2 days to perfect, depending on availability. For larger homes we recommend to stage the whole property or at least the main floor and the master suite. For the rest of the rooms, the need to stage will depend on the size, view, and shape of the rooms. Smaller or odd shaped rooms should be staged as it is difficult for buyers to imagine what to do with an odd space. For condos, lofts and smaller houses, we strongly recommend to stage the whole property.

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